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Murray Jarrett

Murray Jarrett


Beginning insurance at the age of 16, with a legacy of two preceding generations, Murray further enhances a unique and invaluable understanding of insurance, risk and client service.

Wide Bay Insurance began life with Brenley Jarrett, a State Government Insurance Office (SGIO) District Inspector, becoming officially incorporated as Brenley Jarrett Insurance in 1990 as the first Suncorp Corporate Agent. In 2007 the business matured into Wide Bay Insurance delivering more products, freedom and flexibility to our clients.

Throughout the years Murray has witnessed insurers strengthen, weaken, merge and exit. Economic conditions flourish and deteriorate. Technology progress, environmental and legislative change, and natural disasters endured. While our world continues to evolve and diversify, Wide Bay Insurance remains at the pinnacle of security, integrity and service. Don’t let insurance be a burden, experience the difference with Wide Bay Insurance, you’ll have our trust and confidence at all times.

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